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Project Management Tools for FileMaker Developers

Which project management tools should I consider? Which is the best one? Which one fits my needs perfectly? These are all questions I get in my role as a project management consultant to FileMaker custom software developers. Here’s a brief … Continue reading

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Managing Projects Across Multiple Solutions

I’m a firm believer in having one place to go for all of your to-dos so you can prioritize. If you are managing projects across multiple solutions though, that isn’t always possible.

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Organizing Processes: Easy Access for Modification and Review

Organizing processes is imperative to success. It’s not enough just to have them. You and your team have to be able to access them easily and modify them as needed. There are a lot of ways for organizing processes. I’m including several … Continue reading

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These are A Few of My Favorite… SaaS Tools for Small Business

As much as I love raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, they don’t help much when you are trying to set up systems in your business. But, Software as a Service tools, or SaaS tools for small business, do! When … Continue reading

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