Sign Up for a One-off Hourly Consultation for Operations and Project Management Topics

Do you have a specific question about Teamwork or want guidance getting through a few tasks?

Sign up for our pick-my-brain service, a one-hour paid consultation. Choose the best Chaos Killer team member below for your needs and come to the call with your agenda. We’ll get through as many items as possible.

What this Service is for

This service is perfect for questions like:

  • How can I set up my dashboards in Teamwork?
  • I’m struggling with how to hold this one team member accountable.
  • Or get quick input on a crisis situation that’s brewing.

What this Service is Not for

It’s not for diagnosing the big picture or strategy, but it’s to get you moving on your way quickly with experienced answers to your questions.

Schedule Your Pick My Brain Session

To schedule, hover over the profile of each team member below and click the link to schedule and pay. (Note: you may reschedule if needed, but we do not offer refunds.)

If you’re not sure if this service is for you, check with us here.

Susan Fennema

Susan Fennema is our Chaos Eradicating Officer, founder, and owner. She can assist you with Teamwork, Basecamp, Asana, or Trello. Additionally, she knows about tools in general (including CRMs, bug trackers, and financial software), project management, as well as anything else at the operations level. Pick her brain about anything from running your business to who to hire to help in certain areas.

$300 / hour
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Andrea Stevens

Andrea is our most experienced Teamwork expert. She uses it daily with her clients, as well as creatively with our consulting clients to help them set things up the way that is best for them. She's a former PMP, so she knows her project management. She can assist with Teamwork setup, training, and issues. She's also a magician with organizational charts and process documentation.

$200 / hour
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Lynette Lamarque Wilson

Lynette brings experience with ClickUp™ to the team as a certified Expert. She is also G-Suite certified, so can dig in on those Google Workspace issues. Asana is right up her alley, as well. Plus, she's a PMP, so she knows her project management. Her background in Process Optimization, Mind Mapping, Stakeholder Engagement, Change Management, Marketing, Microsoft Office, and MS Project can be of benefit as well – although some of those things might require full-blown engagement rather than an hour!

$200 / hour
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Brooke Lawer

Brooke's combination of corporate, agency, and start-up experience gives her a unique perspective on your business. Facing a large internal shift? Crisis situation brewing? Trouble connecting with customers? Need to better engage your team? A blocker disrupting team deliverables? Messaging falling flat? A quick consult with Brooke can help cut through the chaos with her skills in crisis management, corporate communications, strategic analysis, marketing, and business operations.

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Danielle Japczyk

Danielle is an experienced project manager with expertise in the following tools: Zapier, Teamwork, Active Campaign, Slack, and basic HubSpot setup and integrations. She is also knowledgeable about the functionality of a virtual assistant and how best to begin and navigate that working relationship.

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