Beyond the Chaos™ works with a variety of trusted partners and professionals who also help solve small business challenges. Please feel free to reach out directly and let them know we sent you.

Kalos Consulting, Brandon Hayes

Kalos Consulting is a specialty recruitment and consulting firm founded by Brandon Hayes. Brandon and team are specialized in the recruitment of FileMaker and Customer Software Developers and also offer services to business owners for Virtual Executive Assistants. Services range from recruiting, scheduling, and prepping clients. 


The Jedi Marketing Master, Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith is The Jedi Marketing Master, Queen of Content, Social Media Sith Lord, Empress of Engagement. She's an award-winning presenter, a national speech champion, and an Outstanding Leadership recipient. Her punny personality and strategic skills will help get your marketing crystal clear.


Productivity Coach, Carol Williams

For those who feel like they will never really catch up, Carol Williams is here to help. She is a Certified Coach, and her greatest strength is uncovering your greatest strength. She helps those with AD/HD get out of their own way, to live the life of their dreams while having the business of their dreams. 


Sidecar Marketing Solutions, Rebekah Rius

If you're spinning your wheels on ineffective marketing tactics, it's time for a plan. Rebekah Rius of Sidecar Marketing Solutions builds a custom marketing plan that goes beyond tactics. She factors in every phase of the customer relationship to find the holes in your marketing — and focuses on your most productive opportunities.


GrowthCast, Judi Otton

Judi Otton of GrowthCast is a CFO for hire. She loves helping small business owners build fiscally fit businesses. She teaches business owners what they need to know to master their finances – in plain English, giving them peace of mind that their business is healthy and as profitable as possible.


Reeves Accounting Services, Mia Anne Pham Reeves

Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars in taxes every single year? There are over 20 million business owners in the US, and the majority of business owners overpay in taxes! Don't worry, we can help! In fact, we have helped 80+ business owners avoid overpaying 30% - 50% of their income in taxes annually. Contact us for a free strategy session to see how we can help you too!


Leadership Consultancy Services, Renata Porter

Renata Porter is a consultant and coach for small businesses looking for operational excellence and better ways to lead their teams. Renata helps clients make an intentional and impactful approach to the organizational structure of their company and how they lead.