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We’re more than “just” project managers.

We Are Client-Committed
and see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ businesses

We care as much about our clients, their clients, their teams, and their businesses as they do. In some cases, more. We are an extension of our clients’ businesses. So, our goal is to establish substantial trust both with our clients and with each other.
Accordingly, we are reliable, steadfast, consistent, and considerate of each other, our clients, our clients’ clients, and their vendors, as well as our vendors.

We Are Technology Savvy
and believe it helps businesses run more effectively

We embrace technology to help us solve productivity issues. Our clients do too. While technology can be impersonal and challenging to learn for some, we believe it a requirement, helping our businesses run efficiently and productively, and, therefore, effectively.

Tools* we have experience with include, Basecamp (Classic, 2 and 3), Asana, Trello, Jira,, ClickUp, Kantata, Microsoft Project, Desk, Freshdesk, Zendesk, CRM,  Highrise, Salesforce, Spaces, Process StreetPandaDocSlack, Teams, Chat, Skype, Circuit, Jive, AdobeSign, Dropbox Sign, GSuite (Sheets, Docs, Slides, Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Meet, Chrome), Pages, Word, Numbers, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote,, Microsoft Visio, WordPress, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, UserTesting (basic user research & testing projects), GoToMeeting, Zoom, FreeConferenceCall, Calendly, Doodle, Buffer,, FileMaker, Harvest, Quickbooks, FreshBooks, Quicken, and LastPass. We speak both Mac and Windows and recommend tools based on your individual needs.

And don’t worry, if your product isn’t on the list, we can pick it up pretty quickly.

*Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

We Believe in Chaos- & Drama-Free Environments
and we create them

While bringing compassion and fair-mindedness to each situation, we actively strive to reduce the emotional drama that can come with the inherent project stress. We are committed to creating chaos- and drama-free workplaces and lives for our clients and for our team members. This intention requires a tremendous amount of self-control, self-awareness, and emotional strength. So, we expect grace over emotion. Therefore, we manage all challenging situations with tireless grace and respect for all, whether they are clients, vendors, or teammates. We support each other as needed to achieve this intention for our team and our clients’ teams.

We Create Lifestyle Oriented Work
for our clients and ourselves

We believe our team members are happier working from a location of their choosing, so we are committed to being a virtual business. Additionally, this set-up gives us the opportunity to hire the best talent throughout the US. From the back of a van to a home office to a work-share space, our team works wherever it makes them most happy. Happy team members are in an improved position to serve our clients better.

We Embrace a Service-Minded Belief System
and we serve based on what’s best for all involved

Each team member has God-given talents for productivity, structure, compassion, and fair-mindedness. We have an obligation to share those talents. While being Christian is not a requirement to work for BTC, we embrace a Christian service-minded belief system in how we interact with each other, our clients, our vendors, and our consultants. We prioritize God, our family/friends, and our health over work. Without those, we are worthless to each other and our clients.

We Impact US Society Exponentially
and we improve it

We believe that unless you manage your time and your income, you don’t have time and income to give. Overwhelmed small business owners need to be released from their perceived obligations so they are able to serve their individual communities.

Our goals are to help build and support strong, honest American small businesses and to create chaos-free lives in the best country on earth. To that end, we work primarily with American clients and team members. Not only should we affect our team members and their families positively, but we should do it exponentially. Every client, each of their team members, all of our clients’ clients, and all vendors associated with each of those people should experience less chaos and drama in their professional — and by extension personal — lives. The end goal is to improve family life (however that be defined) for everyone, affecting our society positively. Additionally, what we build with our clients should empower the individual business owner to be able to share his or her time, talent, and treasure with his or her charities of choice.