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group of people Top Ops Operations Mastermind

Operations Experts are often on their own in companies, muddling through without outside perspectives. They are often on an island without other team members to support them.

  • But what if operations specialists had a team of experts they could tap into monthly to ask questions and gain support and confidence? 
  • What if that team had many years of experience working in a wide range of operations capacities for small businesses nationwide?
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The Top Ops Mastermind helps small businesses grow by assisting the operations expert with outside perspectives, best practices, and guidance.

Fellow members will be there to provide accountability on goals. In addition, you will coach each other in areas where a little help is needed. Moreover, all will share their unified experience in operations!

As mastermind groups can be life-changing – professionally and personally – we want this one to be no different. Furthermore, we want to create a group of true friends who genuinely care about each others’ businesses, careers, and personal successes.

Calling Operations Experts

The TopOps mastermind is for you if you:

  • work for owners of small businesses, executing their visions
  • dig into the tactics of all the ideas that are presented to make things happen
  • manage projects, facilitating the work that makes the company go
  • create processes
  • research, implement, and facilitate the software tools the company uses
  • create automation and templates to streamline the work of the company
  • communicate with team members to keep them on track and focused in their particular area of genius
  • wake up at night worried that you missed a detail

Often, you’re on your own without team members in your role to bounce ideas off or point you in the right direction. Our operations experts have many years of experience serving over 200 small businesses, so we can help you troubleshoot your current challenge and share best practices and advice to keep you and your team working toward your KPIs.

Mastermind Structure


As a mastermind member, you’ll meet with each other and a leader from Beyond the Chaos’ Chaos Killers in a monthly meeting. 

The group meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Central via video call. Your commitment requires preparation for the meeting. But prep should take 15-20 minutes or less a month. It would be best if you made attendance a priority. Furthermore, your participation and undivided attention are required to ensure benefits to you and the group. We want you to be genuine, open, and honest (but still nice). We will enforce a code of conduct and an NDA for confidentiality.

The two-hour mastermind session will be structured as follows:

  • Highlight your win from the past month
  • Share an update on the accountability item that you committed to in the previous month
  • Hot seats, where members will bring an issue to dig in deep to tackle with members and the Chaos Killers
  • A quarterly speaker
  • Define the accountability item for the next month


You can also access each other and all the Chaos Killers via a Slack Workgroup, to connect anytime and tackle urgent issues.

Slack topics include:

  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Process/procedure/systems
  • Team/Culture
  • Time management
  • Risk management
  • and more!

Pricing & Terms

Membership fees are auto-paid on the 15th of each month before the meeting. A 6-month commitment is expected at $199 per month. After the initial commitment, your members will continue month-to-month. A two-week notice is required for cancellation.

How to Join

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Once approved, we will send you an agreement to sign digitally. This document will explain the code of conduct, confidentiality, and payment terms.
  3. After you sign it, we’ll send you information to set up your auto-bill.
  4. After we receive your first payment, you’ll receive an invitation to the meetings and the Slack workgroup.

We’re excited to provide this mastermind for operations experts to perform at their optimal level. We hope to see you there!

Reach out if you have additional questions.