Calendar Blocking Course

calendar blocking

What if you could be in control of your time and schedule instead of outside forces making you a victim – in one hour?

Let me rephrase that…

What if, in one hour, you could learn a system to get – and stay in control of your time, use your time intentionally, and focus on your biggest priorities first?

Learn a system that allows you to:

  • Manage interruptions.
  • Focus on the important things first.
  • Eliminate emergencies and distractions.
  • Be intentional about how you use your time.
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself, your team, clients, and others.

Here’s the problem…

You know that to control your schedule, you need a system. However, you feel like things are happening to you and saying things like…

  • “I’m so busy.”
  • “There’s only so much time in the day.”
  • “I’m never going to be able to get it all done.”
  • “I’ve never been able to prioritize my time well.”
  • “Clients are taking too much of my time.”

This thinking creates a victim mentality where you respond to everyone else instead of maintaining your schedule with intention.

But how do you guarantee you’re using your time intentionally instead of being a victim to outside sources trying to take it from you?

You can't create time. But you can maximize what you have.

Can you imagine?

Imagine working efficiently every day with your team, without having to overstep your boundaries and deal with constant emergencies.

What would happen?

  • You’re at all of your kid’s soccer games.
  • You eat dinner with the family every night.
  • You’re eating right and finally using that gym membership.
  • You feel connected and centered spiritually.
  • Your virtual team is getting work done as planned.
  • You’re able to concentrate on building out that new product/service.
  • You give focused attention to a client that has a concern.

If you want to learn how to create a schedule that works for you and is easy to maintain, we have something for you.


The Calendar Blocking Course

This step-by-step course shows you how to set up your calendar with time blocks that protect your time and energy.

Here’s what you get inside the Calendar Blocking course…

Calendar Blocking Video Image

Nine short videos (most are around 5 minutes) that cover:

  1. Personal priorities
  2. Professional priorities
  3. Managing interruptions
  4. Handling emergencies
  5. Software tools

Led by Susan Fennema, a Fractional COO, and CEO of Beyond the Chaos. Susan is a chaos-killing, clutter-kicking, disorder-fighting maven. She uses the calendar blocking system for her and her virtual team and has helped hundreds of clients successfully run their small business operations with this and other systems.

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Total Price: $49.95

I am getting more done than ever before!

I’d heard of calendaring blocking but this course gave me the steps to actually do it. Now, instead of letting email and Slack dictate my day, I’m now hyper-focused on what I need to do and am blasting through work. Best of all, the most important things in my life are actually in my life instead of getting my left overs!

Rebekah Rius, Consultant, Sidecar Marketing Solutions