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Meet the Chaos Killers

Beyond the Chaos® is blessed with excellent employees and contractors who help us serve and support our clients exceptionally. Get to know each team member and what their unique contributions are that help our small business clients. 

For those who are unfamiliar with how we work, here’s a brief explanation of the role we provide our clients.

Chaos Killers Are:
Chaos Killers Are Not:
Danielle Japczyk, MS
Director of Operations and Chaos Killer, Asana, HubSpot, Slack, Google Suite, SharePoint, Calendly, Zapier, Active Campaign, MailChimp, HubSpot Marketing Software Certified, and HubSpot Sales Software Certified.

Technology, and using it effectively to kill the chaos.

My kids and I will find any reason to celebrate with ice cream or donuts.

I work with the Chaos Killers as our Operations Manager and with our clients as a Project Manager and Consultant. I live in the Chicago suburbs with my two daughters. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and a Master’s degree from Keller Graduate School of Management. I took a break from corporate America when My first daughter was born. Now I apply my unique skill set of managing chaos in all forms to my work at BTC. In my free time, I enjoy adventures with my kids, spending time with family, and playing tennis.

Lynette Lamarque Wilson, MBA-PM, PMP

Director of Innovation and Chaos Killer

ClickUp Expert Certified, expert, Kantata, Asana, and Google Workspace Certified.


I’m a beekeeper.

Creating designs and ideas may be more glamorous, but I prefer finding logical and efficient ways to make those ideas actually happen. My happy place is in planning the right actions to take at the right time with the right resources. I’m an official ClickUp™ Expert, G-Suite Certified, and PMP Certified. I have extensive experience in administration and operations, particularly for healthcare and non-profit organizations. I was born and raised in Texas, but I’ve lived in South Louisiana for the past 15 years. I hold an MBA (with a specialization in Project Management) and various other project management and administrative credentials. I enjoy taking classes, particularly for technology-related certifications, beekeeping, and hiking.

Andrea Stevens

Project Manager/Consultant/COO expert, Slack, Microsoft 365 (I love Excel), Jobber, Google Suite, and Asana.

I’m a good listener so I can capture the big picture and details.

I have a hobby farm.

Making things work smoothly in chaotic environments is exactly what I thrive on. I leverage my extensive corporate experience as a project manager, developer, tester, and business/systems analyst to understand how a variety of teams work. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is my motto, as I find illustrating processes incredibly valuable when working toward efficiency and stability within a team or an organization. I’m a recent empty-nester after six children. My husband and I live in an 1890 Minnesota farmhouse, where we enjoy watching our grandkids grow and draw straws to see who gets to ride the John Deere tractor.

Brooke Lawer


Google Suite, Slack,, Microsoft Office, Calendly, Canva, Constant Contact, various ERP/CRM systems, Adobe, Survey Monkey, InDesign, DesignFiles, DropBox, Excel, Outlook.

Content Creation Tools for social media marketing – Photoshop Express, InShot, CapCut, Instagram, Google Suite, Slack,, Microsoft Office, Canva, Constant Contact, various ERP/CRM systems, InDesign, DesignFiles, and Outlook.

We Are Client-Committed (as a business owner, I “get” clients)

Seeing a situation from all angles to identify and anticipate problems and provide solutions

My house flooded in 2012. This turned out to be a good thing, as the renovation sparked a love for interior design. First, it was a hobby, which turned into helping friends and family, which then became a side hustle, and now, in addition to my work with BTC, I own my own interior design company.

Through my unique combination of corporate, agency, and start-up experience, I use a best-practice approach and a disruptor mindset. I’ve started three of my own businesses and held roles at some of the world’s leading companies, including Virgin Atlantic Airways, Diageo, and the Women’s Tennis Association. The variety in my career gave me the ability to deliver on high-level objectives while anticipating issues and finding practical, realistic solutions. Using my strategic analysis, communications, crisis management, process mapping, executive coaching, and marketing skills, I drive results and continual improvement. I live just north of New York City, have visited all continents except Antarctica, and let my dog sleep on the bed (and the couch).

Katie Betkowski


Google, Slack, HubSpot, Shopify, Klayviyo, Dropbox, Asana,, Function Point, and Email platforms.

Deep understanding is a pain point for someone else, but seeing the opportunity that lies within the pain to bring life back into alignment again.

Outside of work, I love being active through playing and watching sports, being outdoors, going on adventures, and trying new things. I believe that a balanced and active lifestyle is essential for both physical and mental well-being.

I am an experienced operations specialist with a passion for organizing and coordinating tasks which has made me a valuable asset to any team I have worked with. I thrive on taking on challenging projects and seeing the opportunities that lies within them. With over 10 years of experience working in the fitness industry, I have a versatile and unique background. As a collegiate athlete, I learned the importance of structure, discipline, and being a constant learner. After receiving a Master’s degree in Exercise Sports Science from Texas Tech University, I realized that understanding people from a physical, mental, and emotional standpoint is crucial to helping them thrive in their performance, business, or purpose. In my professional life, I have always been the go-to person for coordinating and bringing all the pieces of a project together.
Outside of work, I am a soon-to-be first-time mama and loves being active through sports, being outdoors, going on adventures, and trying new things. I believe that a balanced and active lifestyle is essential for both physical and mental well-being. Overall, I am a driven and passionate individual, and committed to ongoing learning and helping others thrive both in their personal and professional lives.

Kristen Lydon

Consultant/Project Manager, MS Office (PP, Excel, Word, OneNote), and Teams.

I specialize in the “too hard pile”. I like to work where you have something no one wants to do or is messy to resolve. I like to come in and assess, define what we can do together, and help teams take that first step.

I am an avid hiker and love to find challenging hikes even here in the Midwest.

With a people-centric mindset, and a believer in all things process-related, I am adept at driving breakthroughs across teams. Throughout my career, I have worked with renowned brands such as Intel, Hallmark, Walt Disney World, Proctor & Gamble, McDonald’s, and Kellogg but most of all have loved the people I have met and worked with over the years.

I’m a mom to 2 kids – one living on the east coast in VA and the other on the west coast in CA. I love trying new recipes, bringing family/friends together, and tackling decorating & design projects.

Taylor Radel

Consultant/Project Manager

Asana, Smartsheet, Teamwork, Calendly, MS Teams, Slack, Investor Management Software Systems, Real Page – CRM, Electronic Medical Health Records Systems, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Workspace

Operations Specialist and Strategic Business Partner

I spent 4 months living on a ship while circumnavigating the globe and studying Anthropology. I am currently living in Guatemala and learning how to speak Spanish.

As a self-proclaimed Chaos Slayer, I’m on a mission to untangle the knots of disorganization and bring a touch of magic to the art of productivity. With a dash of enthusiasm and a pinch of passion, I thrive on making people’s lives easier by weaving the threads of effective communication and smart process management. I’ve got a knack for predicting potential roadblocks, thinking ten steps ahead, and conjuring solutions, ensuring a smoother and more delightful journey for all. In my free time, I love exploring Guatemala’s jungles and planning my next adventure. You’ll often find me lounging in a hammock, lost in a good book, playing soccer with the locals, and enjoying life to the beat of my own song.

Rafaela Bach

Virtual Assistant

Google Suite, Office 365,, HubSpot, WordPress, Calendly, Slack, and Notion.


I joined Beyond the Chaos as an intern when I was in high school. Now I’m juggling college and my responsibilities at Beyond the Chaos.

I’ve always thrived on organization and getting things done. I love helping my friends get organized by introducing them to processes, calendar blocking, and other tools. So naturally, when I found project management, I immediately fell in love with it. I was born in Curitiba, Brazil, and moved to Texas in 2012. I have a brother and an adorable Yorkshire named Daisy. After research and practice in high school, I’m looking forward to growing my knowledge of project management as a virtual assistant at Beyond the Chaos.

Kim Patten, MBA, PMP

Project Manager


Smartsheet, Teamwork, Google Sheet

We Create Lifestyle Oriented Work – I have worked remotely in the past 7 years and really enjoy the flexibility and no more time wasting on commuting. I agree that happy team members are in an improved position to service our clients better.

  • I love solving problems when leading a project. It is such a great feeling when I could gather all of the best solutions and guide the team to select the best solutions. I have always delivered projects on time and am able to communicate any issues or risks that are or potentially causing any delays to the stakeholders. I am also very organized and rather over communicate instead of assuming everyone knows what needs to be done.

I was born in Taiwan and speak Mandarin Chinese. I also really enjoy kickboxing.

Hi, my name is Kim Patten. I was born in Taiwan; therefore, I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. However, I was raised and spent the majority of the time here in the States. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Brigham Young University and then a MBA from California State University. I have over 15 years working experience including 7 years being a Project Manager at Avery Dennison (S&P 500). During my time at Avery Dennison, I also obtained Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). I have worked on many high profile customers’ projects such as developing new retail technology (Just Walk Out) for Amazon, RFID logistic system for FedEx and UPS, RFID retail solution for L Brands, etc.

Some of my key strengths are below.

– 100 % track record of delivering projects on time and meeting customer expectations

– PMP certified and familiar in PMO methodology

– Possesses strong collaboration and organization skills

– Successfully promotes teamwork with 50+ remote project team members and possesses strong problem solving

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two little children (a 5 years old girl and a 3 years old boy).

Flaminia Buda, BA, BS

Project Manager


Google Suite, Google Meet, Zoom (premium), Asana, Notion, Trello, Canva (+premium), Wix (premium plans), Pipedrive, Slack, Zapier

Honestly any popular tool out there, I’ve most likely dabbled with it. I learn the reigns pretty quickly and can adapt to almost any environment – it’s what travelling for 8+ years has helped with that, let me tell you.

I consider myself a chameleon, drop me in a room and I’ll attract the right people. I used to be recruited for tradeshows at my previous companies to scout around and find the best leads for the business. I can get along with pretty much anyone and can match the frequency of where they are at, stimulate them on where they desire to go, get curious in the conversations, yet still bring my level of authenticity and identity to the table. I also bring heart and emotional intelligence with great execution of business ethics.

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy to American parents. I am fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and A2 Indonesian. Learning German!

With having founded and built my own business from scratch and helped founders and COOs with the chaos in their companies. I have been able to cultivate a holistic view of all operations, and created cross-departmental synergies supported by implementing efficient and emotionally intelligent workflow strategies. I am a big fan of automating what is recurring and re-assessing what needs to be in the workflow.

I’ve also worked in several social enterprises and managed teams with 30+ volunteers and employees.

Kara Barnes, DOO


Expert: Asana, Google Suite, Zoho Suite (CRM, Campaigns, Sign, Survey), Slack, Social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Docusign, Harvest, Powerpoint, Skype, Zoom, LastPass,  and 1Pass.

Comfortable with: Trello, Adobesign, Pages, WordPress & Divi, SurveyMonkey, Interact, GoToMeeting Zoom, Doodle, and Rev.

Familiar with: HubSpot, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, and Toggle.

I make a point to ensure that leaders and team members alike feel seen and heard. This creates a strong culture of trust and results in engaged team members who feel valued, love what they do, and intend to “stick around” for the long term.

I spent 5+ years in digital marketing before shifting my focus fully to operations. In particular, I’m adept at developing marketing processes and the talent behind those processes! Additionally, I have been in many “second-in-command” or “Visionary/Integrator” relationships and am particularly passionate about helping core leadership team members develop those critical strong relationships.

For 8+ years, I’ve held an EOS® Integrator role in a variety of small, service-based businesses. During that time, I honed my skills as a strategic leader, developed my tool belt as a consultant, and found that my natural gifts are best utilized in an operations role. I’m an EOS® Integrator Masterclass Graduate as well as a Certified Director of Operations.

I’ve met countless entrepreneurs who are chasing freedom and flexibility but find themselves weighed down by their business rather than freed up. As a recovering (and often relapsing!) workaholic, I’m passionate about helping visionaries think strategically about their goals and optimize operations so the work stays fun, their visions are realized, and a healthy work-life balance is achievable.

In my personal and professional life, I value an abundance mentality, self-investment, intentional connection, and showing up with integrity. As a quintessential Denver, Colorado, resident you’ll find me snowboarding in the winter… camping and kayaking through the summer. My two small dogs, Cosmo and Binx, take great joy in dramatically appearing in the free space of my webcam. Please pardon their squeaking and jingling!

Allison Hendrickson, MA

Project Manager/Consultant/COO

Asana,,, Trello, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Zoom, Slack, WordPress, Thinkific, Teachable, Flodesk, Convertkit, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, and Google Workspace.

I am great at looking at the big-picture, down to the details, and seeing how it supports the big-picture.

I’m into regenerative urban agriculture, and seasonal and local gourmet cooking.

My varied background as an entrepreneur and many years of corporate, start-up, and non-profit experience, brings a unique perspective and ability as a problem solver in complex challenges. I’m a strategic, big-picture thinker without losing sight of the small details and the people involved in the collaborative experience of moving a project to completion. With extensive experience in operations, marketing, brand strategy, and communications, I’m energized by creating solutions and implementing processes to support efficient and effective work and to bring order to chaos. I live outside of Nashville, TN, with my husband and 2 children, and enjoy good coffee, cooking gourmet food, and gardening.

Abby Biro

Project Manager/Consultant/COO

Hubspot,, Asana, Slack, Voxer, WhatsApp, Google Suite, Microsoft

I’m a Type A Organizer and love to sustain that through automation.

I’m a west coast girl at heart!

As a process-driven, creative-minded supporter, I was born thinking outside the box. I have over two decades of experience supporting businesses in operations and process creation, driving results. Project Management is my second language, and I’ve helped dozens of business owners create freedom and financial gain through systematized support. I’m an energetic, results-driven manager with experience in health and wellness, nonprofits, and online businesses. I’m a West Coast girl at heart who loves spending time with my family, finding new places to adventure, and baking.

Esther Kinyanjui, MBA, PMP

Project Manager/Consultant

Asana Expert, ClickUp Expert,, HubSpot, and

Communication, Reading people, & “Dropping bombs” gently

I love planning events, especially weddings and parties. I also like giving my clients a souvenir to remind them of me.

I’m a seasoned project management professional with demonstrated success leading ambitious business change and technology projects in both structured and unstructured settings, ensuring consistent attainment of deadlines, budget goals, and quality expectations. I am passionate about helping small business owners find structure in their businesses to grow and attain their full potential. I thrive in order and structure. I hold an MBA in strategic management and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. I’m PMP certified. I enjoy spending time with family playing all kinds of games, and traveling, mostly to the beach or in the wild.

hand on hip 1_2 body

Meet the Chaos Eradicating Officer

Susan Fennema is a chaos-killing, clutter-kicking, disorder-fighting maven.

For clients, she’s a Fractional COO, and serves as CEO, or “Chief Eradicating Officer,” at Beyond the Chaos.

Get to know the leader in helping you eradicate chaos!