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The BTC team organized and changed the trajectory of these businesses

We bring order to the chaos for software development houses, creative agencies, accounting boutiques, home service providers, and other professional services.

The BTC team will help you find order, too.


Optimizing Operations, Doubling Revenue
Our revenue has doubled since we started working with Beyond the Chaos. Their expertise allowed me to step back from daily operations and focus on strategic growth. I was able to take most of 2023 off to recover from burnout, confident that my business would run smoothly in my absence. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to scale efficiently.
Bethany McClellan, Founder
BTC Saved Our Team From Failure
This was money well spent. If you are backfilling for a missing project management resource or are in need of staff training for the platform, the experts at BTC can help you keep moving forward and skill up quickly. We consider the BTC expert who helped us an honorary member of our team and will be forever grateful for her help when we needed it the most.
Kat Willson, VP Marketing, Comms & PR
Seamless Database Transition Support
Beyond the Chaos was incredibly helpful in guiding our team through organizational database transition. Danielle was knowledgeable, patient, and supportive to our staff as they learned and navigated new systems. We received tips that applied to our operation, established protocols that fit our company, and continue to trust that Beyond the Chaos is a resource as we evolve and grow.
Taylor Made Experience
Kara Hoffman
We Doubled Our Revenue
My business partner and I were each doing the jobs of six people. Our business had so many bottlenecks, but BTC’s audit quickly identified gaps and areas for improvement. Not only did they revamp our organizational chart, but they also introduced new processes for communications, tasks, and field scheduling. With these changes, our business went from earning $500,000 a year to $1.25 million a year.
Christina Rossini, former owner and COO
I Have a Life!
As a company, we now have the capabilities to manage not only our existing project load but to add a few more without folding under the pressure. It is now easy for me to keep up on projects, manage developers, manage project details and processes, and keep ourselves on track. I would wholeheartedly recommend BTC!
Jim Medema, Owner
We Didn’t Know What We Were Missing
In some ways, we didn't know what we were missing until Laura brought more process, organization, and accountability to the team. Project management might seem like something a generalist can handle, but with professionals like the BTC team offers, it's a whole different game.
Randy Isaacson, President
From Solo Developer to Consulting Firm
The biggest result is the growth. We started off as a little sole developer. Now we have an actual consulting firm. Going forward, we're taking the same principles that you and your team have helped us with, and we're expanding that. Business goes down unless you do something to maintain it. Treat business ops like it's a personal training service for your business.
Charles Delfs, Founder
I Have a Clear Path Forward
Susan and the team at Beyond The Chaos know their stuff! They took the challenges my business was facing and the goals I had to exit the business and developed a clear path forward. They're highly responsive and customer-oriented and their advice and guidance have helped my business come a long way toward reaching our goals. I highly recommend them!
Erika Taylor Montgomery, CEO-President
I’m Now Working Proactive, Instead of Reactive
After my first opportunity of working with the Beyond the Chaos team, I realized how relaxed and confident it made me feel at the end of the day. Simple things like getting a summary with clear tasks and discussion summary calmed me. Working with BTC feels proactive, instead of me reacting after the fact, getting one story from my developer and another from the client.
Lisette Wilson, Principal Consultant
BTC Keeps Business Fine-Tuned
Beyond the Chaos always seems to have an expert to help me with whatever issues my small business is facing. It has been well worth the cost to bring them in when I get stuck, or even when I’m not stuck and want to fine tune our business.
Tom Holliday, President
Easy to Work with, Professional, Humble
Susan brought a wealth of project management experience into her coaching. She was easy to work with, professional, humble, and always had a good sense of humor. She could be tough too, which we really needed (still do!) to replace old, inefficient habits.
Scott Howard, Owner
Transformative for our Business
Working with Beyond the Chaos has been transformative for our business. We were experiencing significant growth with obstacles to meeting higher demand. Andrea was able to help us work through the practicalities to establish a solid, modern, digital project management system. I strongly recommend Beyond the Chaos.
Kaitlyn Allen, President and CEO
BTC Got Me Out of the Every Day
Processes are improved with my being out of the way; clients have a single point of contact to make sure things are moving along and can have questions answered. The BTC team adds value to the business by setting clear expectations with clients and pushing to make things happen. All the team members align with our business goals and offer suggestions and feedback for improvement.
Joe Scarpetta, CEO / Owner
We’re A Lot More Organized
Basecamp® is a lot more organized and easy to follow now, and as a result, I'm using it a lot more than I was before. Keeping our Basecamp projects organized has helped me keep everything I need to see visible while allowing us to store ideas for the future in a separate project where they're accessible but not in the way. It's been very helpful to have an outside perspective on how to best organize our projects.
Caitlin Nascher, Director of Sales and Marketing
Serious Value Here
The techniques are not textbook ideas you could have Googled and done for yourself. Beyond the Chaos is required in the process because it's the team’s understanding and judgment calls about my business that made all the difference. You can't ask a template, "What about this scenario?" But you can ask the BTC team! It's their insight that brings everything to life with real-world scenarios and experience.
Two Story Systems, LLC
Brad Stanford, Owner
Everyone is so much happier!
We were suffering under the weight of success. Too much work, but also too much inefficiency. After working with BTC, the process is working for our team and our project management lists are accurate. Everyone is so much happier. We’ve added so much structure and we’re working well in it. A big thank you to the BTC team.
John Gulino, Founder & CEO
Work/Life Balance Achieved
Although our team has historically been effective, we found that working 100% remotely introduced new challenges with communications and managing a healthy work/life balance for our team. Beyond the Chaos taught us to better utilize our existing tools, identify and prioritize our workloads more clearly, and set better boundaries. After working with Beyond the Chaos, our team now manages their projects and communications without overextending themselves or sacrificing personal time.
Angela Johnson, Operations Director
Processes Have Brought Me Peace of Mind
I have peace of mind knowing that all of the steps of our processes have been handled and I can easily train a replacement. Since we all cannot have BTC on our day-to-day team, the next best thing is to have its procedures because they guide our day-to-day activities as though the whole team was with us.
Jeanette Tan, Owner
We’re Now in 100% Compliance
We are a small software company that had a complicated tangle of systems and an out-of-control ticket backlog at the start of the project and within a few months were working smoothly and well with 100% compliance to our SLAs. All this via a (surprisingly) very fun project with our BTC consultant who is proactive, flexible, thoughtful, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Stacy Chapman, CEO
This Stuff Really Works
Before coaching with Susan, I was highly anxious and constantly frustrated. Now I'm feeling reduced stress and increased confidence in communication, plus hope for a more prosperous business! Susan has a great combination of charm and frankness and tells the hard truth with a smile.
Sam Gedert, Founder
Much More Confidence in What I’m Doing
I have so much more confidence in what I am doing. I try to utilize all the different tools and features that I learned, so I really feel like I am using what we pay for. BTC truly helped me learn a new skill with a platform that so many different people use. Because of that, I am a better worker and feel like I am doing my job more effectively.
Ramona D'Cruz, Media Assistant
Unafraid of Driving Change
We needed help unlocking key resources in support of our business plans. We needed someone who is selfless, tough-minded, able to execute on big ideas, and unafraid of driving change. Culture is company code, and we needed someone who could read and work with that code without the decades of professional development it takes to grow that resource.
Ernest Koe, CEO & Co-Founder
One of the Best I’ve Ever Worked With
Susan's phenomenal. She is really, really, really good as a project manager. One of the best I’ve ever worked with – no joke. She’s very smart, sassy, a bulldog, and doesn’t suffer fools. She’s very organized, fair, and is fanatical about meeting deadlines.
Amy Africa, CEO
We’re Now Managing Better Than Ever
After training on, learning different tools and templates, and actually taking steps to develop deliverables was a great exercise. Our supervisors are managing their departments and employees better than ever. The BTC team’s positivity, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the software was the best part of the training. We will call on BTC again for more training.
LaShunda Cameron, Deputy Chief Operating Officer
No Longer Bogged Down with Getting Things Done
Hiring Susan was the best decision!! For several years I was so bogged down with getting things done, causing me stress and anxiety. Susan worked onsite with me, provided a clear plan, guided me through each goal, and held me accountable. Today, my work/life balance and communication with my boss and team is better. The department as a whole is now on a path to being great and I am so excited about the next chapter with Susan.
Sally Schoonover, Director of Custom Development
Dedication to a Killer, Quality Final Product is Resolute
I am confident in describing Susan as genuine, competent, relatable, encouraging, and steadfast. Her knowledge of systems and processes is top-notch, and her dedication to a killer, quality final product is resolute.
Two Story Systems, LLC
Brandynn Stanford, CEO/Manager of Possibilities
Family-Owned Electrician Biz Now with Structure!
Beyond the Chaos gave us guidance on how to add structure to our family-owned electrician company. My husband and I were working non-stop and we knew we needed that to change. Working so much in the business was preventing us from being able to grow it and was adding a lot of personal stress. With BTC’s guidance, we developed processes and added software that helped us organize our electricians in the field. And, we created a management structure. These changes are giving us time and space to focus on the future growth of our business.
Christina Rossini, Chief Operating Officer

Video Testimonials

Rapid Business Plans

Rapid Business Plans struggled with bottlenecks and burnout, restricting business growth. By partnering with Beyond the Chaos, they introduced a fractional COO and management layer, communication tools, and project management software. These changes doubled their revenue and restored the owner’s work-life balance, and grew their team to help more clients.

R Squared Electric

R Squared Electric was stuck at $500K revenue with the owners doing the work of 6 people each. By partnering with Beyond the Chaos, R Squared implemented new processes and project management software. These changes helped R Squared more than double annual revenue to $1.25 million with the same number of employees.

Delfs' Engineering

Charles Delfs, founder of Delfs’ Engineering, wanted to focus on his craft and struggled with managing his growing company’s admin and business aspects. Delfs hired Beyond the Chaos to create procedures, protocols, and programs to get past the resistance. This gave structure to an influx of business, established regular meetings, and a thriving culture for the team. In only a year and a half, the team has grown from two to ten full-time employees in response to the increased work demand.


David Case of Adatasol shares how a company acquisition took time away from regular business operations and caused chaos among the team. Listen to what made the big difference for Adatasol to solve the immediate “problem child” and what led to increased revenue, productive management meetings, and a happier culture.

The Scarpetta Group

Joe Scarpetta of The Scarpetta Group used to be nervous to let go and trust the people around him. Listen as Joe shares how BTC helped to define processes, change applications, build templates, and simplify business practices so he can take time off without being involved in the day-to-day operations.

Harlow Technologies

Daniel Harlow of Harlow Technologies was hit with a perfect storm of changes in his business all at one time. Learn how the BTC team provided invaluable input to determine areas of opportunities and revamp processes that set Harlow Technologies on an excellent path forward.

Global Affairs Associates

Kaitlyn Allen and Amanda Hsieh of Global Affairs Associates didn’t even realize the holes they had in their business until taking Beyond the Chaos’ free Operations Audit. Once they realized how BTC could help, they were sold. Learn how BTC helped Global Affairs Associates document their policies and processes, and double in size.

SB Expos

Jennifer Kerhin, CEO of SB Expos (formerly Sponsorship Boost), was determined to find a project management platform her team would actually use. She knew it was important to hire a consultant to ensure her business was getting started on the right foot. Listen to how Beyond the Chaos implemented a three-step process and took control of communication to provide Sponsorship Boost with a workflow they actively use every day.

UX 4Insight

Abdul Suleiman, CEO of UX 4Sight, quickly realized that his business needed a strategic approach to how he addressed the various projects that were coming his way. After working with other project managers, Beyond the Chaos came to him highly recommended. Learn how BTC was instrumental in institutionalizing business processes and better aligning the UX 4Sight team.

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