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Case Study

Watch Joe describe the results of his work with BTC

The Goal: Get a Large Project Under Control

The Scarpetta Group, owned by Joe Scarpetta, was working on a very large corporate project. The scope was creeping up. And, the team needed to work on gaining control and completing the project. Plus, the project was keeping his other clients from getting the attention they deserved.

Joe felt like it was a lot of juggling trying to do development, run the company, manage client expectations, chase other developers down to get answers, and get work done.

While initially worried about the cost of hiring project management help, Joe quickly realized that the value was there and the prices were reasonable.

The Tactics: Project Management Service

Susan Fennema and Beyond the Chaos engaged in a Project Management Service agreement with Joe and The Scarpetta Group to help manage their projects.

Susan jumped in with the large client and to organize and add structure. The team was already using Basecamp 3 to manage projects, but Susan was able to get into the projects and add additional structure to help them run more smoothly. Additionally, she set up regular status meetings with the clients to ensure they were all getting timely communications.

After about a year, Susan brought in Chaos Killer, Laura Elliott, who took over the day-to-day work from Susan. And, Susan stayed on as an operations consultant, helping Joe with big-picture challenges.

Very grateful to have both Susan and Laura as part of my team. They’ve kept me sane.

– Joe Scarpetta

Joe identified three things that he appreciates the most about working with Susan and Laura:

  1. Peace of mind, not worrying about the day-to-day small stuff with the team on projects.
  2. Client expectations are set clearly.
  3. Professional approach to all situations.

The Results: Gaining Control!

Joe’s daily process of feeling like he needed to personally check in on everything with everyone disappeared. Processes improved with him being out of the way. Clients had a single point of contact to make sure things moved along and had answers to questions. Joe was only involved when it was important. All of this new freedom allowed him to work ON his business rather than IN his business. As a result, he gained a great deal of sanity and control over his work life.

Joe believes both Susan and Laura add value to the business. “They do this by being fun and professional at the same time. Both set clear expectations with clients and push to make things happen. They align with our business goals and offer suggestions and feedback for improvement.”

If you’re looking to gain control of your projects, schedule a meeting with Susan today!