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You started your business because you are great at your trade. You wanted to work on the projects you chose and serve the people you liked. Now, you have a team to manage, financials to understand, clients to satisfy, and projects to complete. You’re not sure which way is up because you’re being pulled in so many directions.

It’s like you’re the bull and your business is dragging you around by a ring in your nose.
You’re overwhelmed and getting buried under the weight of success.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Project Management tools aren’t enough – you need a partner in growth.

How We Help

Beyond the Chaos helps you gain control of your business by creating structure around your business operations and project management, by following these 3 steps: Diagnose • Discover • Implement. That’s right. Unlike most consulting firms, we don’t force our system on you, or just give you a list of suggestions to implement on your own. We actually customize what is best for you and then execute our recommendations as well!

Who We Work With

We work with small professional services companies, like software development houses, creative agencies, accounting boutiques, and home service providers. Our prices are tailored to small businesses and allow you to bring aboard very experienced, high-end consultants – but on a part-time basis – who can help you improve your team’s productivity to enhance the bottom line. All this while you get to focus on why started down the path of entrepreneurship in the first place.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Jim Medema

I have a life! And as a company, we now have the capabilities to manage not only our existing project load but to add a few more here and there without folding under the pressure. We now have a place for the development team to store and manage ALL the information about our projects and a clear process to govern it. It is now easy for me to keep up on projects, manage developers, manage project details and process, and keep ourselves on track. I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan and this service!

Jim Medema, Owner
Surefoot Consulting, Inc.

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We’ve always had a passion for making people feel better by reducing that no-end-in-sight overwhelm. Simply, we increase overall productivity and effectiveness. Eradicating chaos — and helping you see beyond the chaos — gives us the greatest reward.

First, we diagnose the challenges you are facing. Then we discover on a deep dive all the options to attack those challenges, and develop a plan that works for your business needs. The kicker? We actually execute our recommendations for you, so you can devote more time to the things you enjoy.

By getting beyond the chaos, you can spend more time on the important things like letting your creative juices flow, growing your business, spending time with your family and friends, or on your own personal recreation.

Meanwhile, your business gains value because it becomes an entity that can operate without you, making it much easier to sell at a higher price when the time comes.

Contact us today and let’s kick chaos to the curb.

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