Go Beyond the Chaos

Beyond the Chaos brings control to your business so you can have more time, make more money, and alleviate stress. I’ve always had a passion – as a productivity geek and a natural ‘fixer’ – for making people feel better by increasing their overall efficiency and effectiveness. Eradicating chaos, and helping you see beyond the chaos, gives me the greatest reward.

We all want to have more time to do the things we enjoy. You can feel an intense burden when you are working in a disorganized and unstructured environment. First, I develop a plan that works for your business needs. Then, I create a corresponding process to ensure success, so you can devote more time to the things you enjoy. By eliminating the clutter, you can spend more time with your family, letting your creative juices flow, growing your business, or on your own personal recreation. Meanwhile, you can more easily repeat your successes since the “how to” is clearly documented.

Beyond the Chaos helps you gain control of your business through process development, organization, and structure of your business operations and projects. From developing processes to coaching project managers to setting up work-from-home environments to eliminating paper, Beyond the Chaos can help you feel less overwhelmed, more effective, and quite productive at the end of your day.

I started this business based on the love I have for two passions: organization and fixing. I love organization, processes, and structure. Disorder, clutter, and lack of systems can cause chaotic situations. By eliminating these, negative emotions vanish. As a guest in my home, you’d find me to be the best, most accommodating, and detail-oriented hostess. I wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t want to return. I will treat your business like I would a guest in my home. In other words, I’m committed to eradicating the chaos in your life and treating your needs with the level of detail I expect of myself as a hostess.

We adore chaos because we love to produce order.
– M.C. Escher

Like the quote from M.C. Escher, you might say I adore chaos because I love to produce order. At Beyond the Chaos, I produce order!

If you are ready to start producing order, and working more effectively, contact me now.


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