It’s common for a growing creative agency (advertising, marketing, design, copywriting, photography, architecture, and the like) to struggle with completing projects on time and on budget. Plus, the all-encompassing deadline can be completely overwhelming. A few reasons why include:

  • Disruptive Changes – Clients interrupt workflow, changing details on campaigns or collateral. Project scope creep is hard to manage.
  • Unbalanced Resource Utilization – Some of the team is overutilized, while others are underutilized causing deadlines to be missed, deliverables to be delayed, and rising costs.
  • Lack of Quality Control – No process for proofreading or review leads to dissatisfied clients, multiple revisions, and added resource costs.
  • Unclear Accountability – Team members miss deadlines, or they need to be managed down to the most minute detail. In the virtual world, it is hard to keep track of all the moving parts and pieces.

Companies often try and overcome these challenges by implementing project management software. But more often than not, they find that without a consistent and repeatable process those tools just add additional cost and complexity. The software doesn’t seem to “work.”

What appears to be a software problem is really a process problem.

When you don’t have clearly defined and well-managed processes…

  1. projects feel messy and disorganized
  2. leads fall through the cracks
  3. client experience suffers
  4. you risk damaging your brand reputation as a result
  5. you feel completely overwhelmed

So how can you create effective processes that enable more profitable projects and happier clients, without spending all your time managing it yourself?

Grow Your Creative Agency with Beyond the Chaos

When you partner with Beyond the Chaos, you get tailored consulting to set the foundation for growth with clearly defined processes that align with your company’s goals. We then put those processes into action with our experienced project managers who work closely with your team for ongoing operational success. Combined, we have well over 100 years of experience managing creative projects. Most of our team comes from an advertising background, so we get it.

A smaller creative agency might feel “not ready” for this type of structure or support. They may try, unsuccessfully, to use their creative team members to double as project managers. But, with fractional services beginning at only 2-hours per week, you can get that relief now!

Check out this handy chart of project management packages to get an idea of how we help and an estimate of hours per week you might need to facilitate your work.

With streamlined processes, the right tools and templates, and better-managed team members, you can complete creative projects consistently and successfully each time. As a bonus, your time is freed up to focus on your agency or tackle other goals.

End overwhelm and grow your creative agency with Beyond the Chaos. See all Client Success Stories.

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