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It’s common for trade services companies (think landscapers, home builders, and the like) to struggle with following up on sales calls, scheduling sub-contractors, and completing projects on time and on budget. A few reasons why include:

  • Time Management – Projects often go past their timeline, making it difficult to plan ahead.
  • Frustrated Clients – Clients are constantly interrupting, asking about project status, invoices, bids, and contractors’ arrival times.
  • Inconsistent Sales – The crew works when there’s work and the owner sells when there isn’t work, instead of creating a more proactive approach.
  • Unclear Availability – With timelines exceeding expectations, it’s never clear when the schedule will free up to schedule the next job.

Companies often try and overcome these challenges by implementing project management software. But more often than not, they find that without a consistent and repeatable process those tools just add additional cost and complexity. The software doesn’t seem to “work.”

What appears to be a software problem is really a process problem.

When you don’t have clearly defined and well-managed processes, projects feel messy and disorganized. Leads fall through the cracks. Crews are confused. Client experience suffers. And, you risk damaging your brand reputation as a result. Not to mention you feel completely overwhelmed. Sometimes it is just easier to ignore requests than to respond to potential clients at all.

So how can you create effective processes that enable more profitable projects and happier clients, without spending all your time managing it yourself?

Grow Your Trade Services Company with Beyond the Chaos

When you partner with Beyond the Chaos, you get tailored consulting to set the foundation for growth with clearly defined processes that align with your company’s goals. We then put those processes into action with our experienced project managers, who work closely with your team for ongoing operational success.

A smaller home services company might feel “not ready” for this type of structure or support. But, with fractional services, you can get that relief now. We can help you manage your time and client needs, and your contractors, so you can focus on what you do best… building cool stuff.

With streamlined processes, the right tools and templates, and better-managed team members, you can complete projects consistently and successfully each time. And know when you can schedule the next one. Your profitability increases as you are able to service more clients more effectively. As an added bonus, your time is freed up to grow your business or tackle other goals.

Case Study: We Doubled Our Revenue in One Year

By partnering with Beyond the Chaos, R Squared Electric implemented new processes and project management software. These changes helped R Squared more than double annual revenue to $1.25 million with the same number of employees. Read or watch their full story.

case study with Christina Rossini of R Squared Electric

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