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Services for Operational Success

Operations consulting

See why we recommend consulting before implementation.

Operations Consulting

Consulting helps us learn about your business goals and what’s standing in the way. From our conversation, we’ll provide a clear list of priority activities to focus on.

This is for small business owners wanting to know how to grow their companies and get out of the day-to-day holding them back.

Consulting can be a part of a suite of services or on its own if you choose to implement the work yourself. 


This done-for-you service is where the rubber meets the road. Unlike most consulting firms, we actually DO what we recommend. Implementation could involve:

  • • writing processes
  • • creating software automation
  • • setting up templates or checklists
  • • implementing software tools
  • • training your team
  • • owner accountability sessions
  • • coaching on how to DIY
  • • managing projects with your client and your team
  • • and much more

Whatever the work, we are definitely more than “just” project managers. Over time, your consultant can become a trusted partner integrated into your team to listen and advise on many areas of your business.

How Operations Consulting & Implementation Works

Schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation with us to evaluate your current business operations. We’ll advise you on the best path to achieve your goals. Get started by booking a planning session.

This step is a 4-5 week engagement and includes:

  • • 1-hour kickoff call to review your custom roadmap and success plan
  • • 4 weekly meetings to walk through progressive milestones
  • • Evaluation of your current tools and processes and advice to optimize them
  • • Identification of quick wins for immediate relief
  • • Detailed implementation plan with priority order and time estimates

This is billed as a fixed-fee to maximize value from your investment. In some cases we may skip the Discover step and move straight to Implementation. Get clarity, direction, and a tactical plan for transforming chaos into smooth operations.

Purchase implementation services as a bank of pre-paid hours. There is no obligation to Implement after Discover or to continue to refill the hourly bank. However, once you start seeing how your Chaos Killer seamlessly integrates into your operations, you’ll be hooked!

Electrical Contractor Doubles Annual Revenue

“My business partner and I were each doing the jobs of six people. Our business had so many bottlenecks, but BTC quickly identified gaps and areas for improvement. Not only did they revamp our organizational chart, but they also introduced new processes for communications, tasks, and field scheduling. With these changes, our business went from earning $500,000 a year to $1.25 million a year.”

– Christina Rossini, former owner and COO of R Squared Electric Consulting is a project management software that helps you optimize your most important resources – people and money.

Beyond the Chaos is a Accredited Partner. With a consulting engagement, you’ll learn how to set up and use for your unique situation.

We have three options to work together at the level and depth you want. It begins with an audit to assess your needs.

Fractional COO image

Fractional COO

Have the C-suite operations expertise without the cost of hiring a full-time COO.

Whether you want to create or optimize operations, we provide a highly personalized direction and leadership to get you there.

Get the executive power you need without the full-time price tag. Keep your agility as business needs ebb and flow. Lean on us as your trusted advisor – only as needed.

How Fractional COO Services Work

In a 45-minute phone call, we’ll determine where you’re at with your business operations and where you want to go. From there, we advise you on the best path forward. This step is free. Get started by scheduling a 45-minute meeting with Fractional COO, Susan Fennema.

Your dedicated Fractional COO will meet virtually or on-site for a focused Discover process to kick-off with the team, interview stakeholders, and integrate with the team to understand your business, what’s working and what’s not. At the end of the Discover step you’ll receive an implementation roadmap to align on priorities.

This stage typically includes:

  • • Being the go-to for all things operations
  • • Creating a task force of team members to integrate into the process and build documentation
  • • Creation of onboarding documentation for employees and clients
  • • Developing processes for the client from sales to fulfillment to testimonials/case studies
  • • Creating and documenting or fine-tuning existing processes around tools, automations, and workflows
  • • Determining if new tools are needed for efficiency
  • • Off-boarding/handoff/training to a full-time operations manager (including support to write a job description and participate in the interview process)
  • • Training all employees on new process/policy
  • • Educating existing clients
  • • Ongoing support and process maintenance for team members

We’ll have regular check-ins to make sure the new systems and procedures stick and to provide accountability and return on the team’s hard work.

fCOO Services Doubles Revenue and Revitalizes the Founder

The first calendar year that we worked with Beyond the Chaos, we increased 65% in revenue over the year before. I was able to take most of 2023 off to recover from burnout, confident that my business would run smoothly in my absence. Their expertise allowed me to step back from daily operations and focus on strategic growth. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to scale efficiently.”

– Bethany McClellan, Founder, Rapid Business Plans

Top Ops Mastermind

Operations experts in companies often find themselves working alone, without the benefit of outside perspectives or the support of other team members.

BTC’s Top Ops Mastermind helps small businesses grow by connecting operations experts with a community of like-minded professionals. In this collaborative space led by a highly experienced BTC Ops team member, participants can exchange best practices, seek guidance, and hold each other accountable.


OneLife Mastermind

OneLife Mastermind is a great choice for small business owners who know what to do in their business but need accountability to stay on track as they face the challenges of entrepreneurship. 

This service offers invaluable peer input and will help you gain community and advice on your challenges at a very low entry price. Join other small business owners to receive and share insights. As a result, you will positively affect your whole life – personal and professional.

Pick My Brain Consultation

Are specific questions about PM software or operational challenges holding up your progress?

Sign up to Pick My Brain! A one-hour paid consultation with your choice of Operations and Project Management experts.

This is a stand-alone service open to anyone. Come to the call with your agenda, and we’ll get through as many items as possible.

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