Services for Operational Success

See why we recommend consulting before implementation.


Operations consulting lets us learn about your business goals and what’s standing in the way. From our conversation, we’ll provide a clear list of priority activities to focus on.

This is for small business owners wanting to know how to grow their companies and get out of the day-to-day holding them back.

Consulting can be conducted as part of a suite of services or on its own if you choose to implement the work yourself. 


This done-for-you service is where the rubber meets the road. Unlike most consulting firms, we actually DO what we recommend. Implementation could involve:

  • • writing processes
  • • creating software automation
  • • setting up templates or checklists
  • • implementing software tools
  • • training your team
  • • owner accountability sessions
  • • coaching on how to DIY
  • • managing projects with your client and your team
  • • and much more

Whatever the work, we are definitely more than “just” project managers. Over time, your consultant can become a trusted partner — someone to listen and advise on many areas of your business.

How Consulting & Implementation Works

In a 45-minute phone call, we’ll determine where you’re at on your business operations path and where you want to go. From there, we advise you on the best path forward. This step is free. Get started by scheduling a 45-minute meeting with our Chaos Eradicating Officer, Susan Fennema, or fill out the form below.

This stage takes about 4 to 5 weeks and is a flat fee. However, in some cases, depending on your goals and your situation, we might skip Discover altogether and go straight to Implement. Discover consists of:

  • • A 1-hour kickoff call to walk through your custom roadmap with your consultant and make any adjustments needed.
  • • Then, 4 weekly meetings are held to progress through your roadmap together.
  • • Between meetings, we review the tools and processes you’re currently using for your operations and provide advice for how – or if – those should be changed. You might also have a little homework.
  • • We identify quick wins in your current process and tools to get immediate relief in some areas.
  • • Lastly, you’ll get a detailed implementation plan in priority order, with estimated hours to do it.

This stage is purchased as a bank of pre-paid hours or as a flat fee depending on the plan created for you. There is no obligation to Implement after Discover or to continue to refill the hourly bank. However, we find that once you start using our Implement services, you’ll be addicted to the results!

See how BTC helped The Proof Group transition to its next phase of growth while freeing the owners from the day-to-day to focus on strategy. Consulting is a project management software that helps you optimize your most important resources – people and money.

Beyond the Chaos is a partner and certified expert. With a consulting engagement, you’ll learn how to set up and use for your unique situation.

We have three options to work together at the level and depth you want. It begins with an audit to assess your needs.

Fractional COO

This service lets you run your business operations without hiring a costly full-time COO.

Whether you want to create or optimize operations, we provide a highly personalized direction and leadership to get you there.

Get the executive power you need without the full-time price tag. Keep your agility as business needs ebb and flow. Lean on us as your trusted advisor – only as needed.

How Fractional COO Services Work

In a 45-minute phone call, we’ll determine where you’re at on your business operations path and where you want to go. From there, we advise you on the best path forward. This step is free. Get started by scheduling a 45-minute meeting with Fractional COO, Susan Fennema, or fill out the form below.
Your dedicated Fractional COO will meet virtually or on-site for a focused Discover process to kick-off with the team, interview stakeholders, and integrate with the team to understand your business, what’s working and what’s not. At the end of the Discover step you’ll receive an implementation roadmap to align on priorities.

This stage typically includes:

  • • Being the go-to for all things operations
  • • Creating a task force of team members to integrate into the process and build documentation
  • • Creation of onboarding documentation for employees and clients
  • • Developing processes for the client from sales to fulfillment to testimonials/case studies
  • • Creating and documenting or fine-tuning existing processes around tools, automations, and workflows
  • • Determining if new tools are needed for efficiency
  • • Off-boarding/handoff/training to a full-time operations manager (including support to write a job description and participate in the interview process)
  • • Training all employees on new process/policy
  • • Educating existing clients
  • • Ongoing support and process maintenance for team members
Make sure your new systems and procedures stick with regular check-ins that we’ll initiate to provide you with accountability and return on you and your team’s hard work.

OneLife Mastermind

OneLife Mastermind is an option for small business owners that know what to do but need accountability to stay on track as they weather the challenges of entrepreneurship. 

This service offers invaluable peer input, will help you gain community and advice on your challenges at a very low entry price. Join other small business owners to receive and share insights. As a result, you will positively affect your whole life – personal and professional.

Pick My Brain Consultation

Are specific questions about PM software or operational challenges holding up your progress?

Sign up to Pick My Brain, a one-hour paid consultation with your choice of Operations and Project Management experts.

Come to the call with your agenda, and we’ll get through as many items as possible.

Processes Have Brought Me Peace of Mind
I have peace of mind knowing that all of the steps of our processes have been handled and I can easily train a replacement. Since we all cannot have BTC on our day-to-day team, the next best thing is to have its procedures because they guide our day-to-day activities as though the whole team was with us.
Jeanette Tan, Owner
We’re Now in 100% Compliance
We are a small software company that had a complicated tangle of systems and an out-of-control ticket backlog at the start of the project and within a few months were working smoothly and well with 100% compliance to our SLAs. All this via a (surprisingly) very fun project with our BTC consultant who is proactive, flexible, thoughtful, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Stacy Chapman, CEO
This Stuff Really Works
Before coaching with Susan, I was highly anxious and constantly frustrated. Now I'm feeling reduced stress and increased confidence in communication, plus hope for a more prosperous business! Susan has a great combination of charm and frankness and tells the hard truth with a smile.
Sam Gedert, Founder
Much More Confidence in What I’m Doing
I have so much more confidence in what I am doing. I try to utilize all the different tools and features that I learned, so I really feel like I am using what we pay for. BTC truly helped me learn a new skill with a platform that so many different people use. Because of that, I am a better worker and feel like I am doing my job more effectively.
Ramona D'Cruz, Media Assistant
Unafraid of Driving Change
We needed help unlocking key resources in support of our business plans. We needed someone who is selfless, tough-minded, able to execute on big ideas, and unafraid of driving change. Culture is company code, and we needed someone who could read and work with that code without the decades of professional development it takes to grow that resource.
Ernest Koe, CEO & Co-Founder
One of the Best I’ve Ever Worked With
Susan's phenomenal. She is really, really, really good as a project manager. One of the best I’ve ever worked with – no joke. She’s very smart, sassy, a bulldog, and doesn’t suffer fools. She’s very organized, fair, and is fanatical about meeting deadlines.
Amy Africa, CEO
We’re Now Managing Better Than Ever
After training on, learning different tools and templates, and actually taking steps to develop deliverables was a great exercise. Our supervisors are managing their departments and employees better than ever. The BTC team’s positivity, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the software was the best part of the training. We will call on BTC again for more training.
LaShunda Cameron, Deputy Chief Operating Officer
No Longer Bogged Down with Getting Things Done
Hiring Susan was the best decision!! For several years I was so bogged down with getting things done, causing me stress and anxiety. Susan worked onsite with me, provided a clear plan, guided me through each goal, and held me accountable. Today, my work/life balance and communication with my boss and team is better. The department as a whole is now on a path to being great and I am so excited about the next chapter with Susan.
Sally Schoonover, Director of Custom Development
Dedication to a Killer, Quality Final Product is Resolute
I am confident in describing Susan as genuine, competent, relatable, encouraging, and steadfast. Her knowledge of systems and processes is top-notch, and her dedication to a killer, quality final product is resolute.
Two Story Systems, LLC
Brandynn Stanford, CEO/Manager of Possibilities

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