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Process isn’t something that comes naturally to many business owners. Therefore, taking the time to actually write the process down becomes even harder. But writing your process for employees to see helps make those processes and their successes repeatable. In this video snippet from Xojo Developer Conference 2018, Susan provides us the best methods for recording processes.

Please find a full video transcript below: 

Susan:  So, let me give you a few tips on writing process. I have a system of recording myself explaining to an employee, or if not an employee, just record it as if you’re explaining to an employee, how to do it. Then I have that recording transcribed and from there, I write it up. And then, I have someone else follow it.

For example, social media is the thing I hate. I can’t stand it. It drives me crazy. But it has to be done. It’s an important part of your business to get that message out there. So, I sat down with my virtual assistant and I did a Zoom recording and I walked her through; this is all of the social media platforms, this is how I use them, this is how often you post, this is the tool, we use Buffer, this is the tool you can use to go and post to all of them. I want them posted every Friday or scheduled every Friday. I’m gonna review them every Friday afternoon to make sure that they are what I want to see next week go out. This is the place you can pull the information from.

We recorded all that. We transcribed it. I actually had my project manager write up the process from the transcription and then we gave it back to the virtual assistant to follow the next week. Worked great. My virtual assistant actually left me, gave it back to the project manager to do. She had no questions. She just followed it.

So, this is an easy way to get something that you don’t know how to get out of your head, out; to have somebody help you with it. If you have something like that, that you need help on, this can work in your development world too. If there are little steps that you just wish if I didn’t have to do this every time.

Even if it’s not to someone else, record yourself and transcribe it. It’s a really great way to do it. I use for my transcriptions. They do a very good job.


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