Better Teamwork with Beyond the Chaos

As a small business owner, your time is highly valuable. It’s critical to optimize your most important resources – people and money. 

Good news! Teamwork helps optimize both.

Companies see a 437% ROI when using Teamwork to manage their projects, according to The Total Economic Impact™ of Teamwork study conducted by Forrester Consulting. And, project managers using Teamwork save two hours per month per project due to better project planning, resource management, communication, and analytics. 

That means if your team has 20 projects, you get back 40 hours a month. The equivalent of one full working week! That gives you more time to take on additional projects. Which means more revenue for you. 

Teamwork Projects Consulting Options

Beyond the Chaos is a Teamwork partner and certified expert. We help clients use Teamwork in three ways to get results for your business:

  1. DISCOVER: This consulting service gives you a clear idea of what to work on next, and when. Consulting can be conducted as part of a suite of services, or on its own if you choose to implement the work yourself. This option is perfect for any growing professional services business, whether you’re in the software developmentaccountingcreative, or home services industries.
  2. IMPLEMENTATION: This done-for-you service is where the rubber meets the road. Unlike most consulting firms, we actually DO what we recommend. Implementation could involve:
    1. creating best practices for how to use the features in Teamwork to accomplish your team’s specific needs
    2. moving from one project management tool to Teamwork
    3. setting up project or task templates
    4. rolling out Teamwork with your team, including training
    5. writing processes
    6. accountability sessions to make sure you are making progress on your own
    7. coaching while you do-it-yourself
  3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Focus on running (and growing) your business by having our expert team facilitate your projects for you. Our project managers have a combined 100+ years of project management experience and use Teamwork every day with our small business clients. Whatever the work, we are definitely more than “just” project managers. Over time, your consultant will become a trusted partner — someone who will listen and provide advice on many parts of your business as well as your team and future growth.

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