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Small Business: Why It Rocks

A small business can be a single freelancer all the way up to several thousand employees, depending on the industry chosen. The U.S. Small Business Administration¬†defines small business in a very big business complicated way here. When I think of … Continue reading

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Productivity is an Intangible ROI

Building processes, creating structure, getting organized, managing projects better: all businesses want these type of productivity-related things. But why? Improving productivity does not guarantee a direct monetary ROI (return on investment). It’s not money in equals money out. It’s much … Continue reading

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Intentional Planning Is Part of the Work

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is that they don’t have time for planning. Keep in mind that these clients have tools and a process in place, but they still avoid using them. Why? They have “too … Continue reading

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Clarity, Simplicity & Evolution in Business Process

A business process requires clarity, simplicity, and evolution to be successful in your company. Here are some tips to help you write and maintain better documents.

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Processes & Systems Increase Company Value

Small businesses traditionally struggle with having all the knowledge in people‚Äôs heads. They often don’t know that processes and systems increase company value. Owners or leaders are not able to delegate or truly go on vacation because there is no … Continue reading

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