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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be quite intimidating to the small business owner. How much debt is too much to take on vs. the ROI you would get in return? What if you hire someone and they mess … Continue reading

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Goals, Resolutions, Tactics & Dreams

Every year at this time, people start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions and goals for the next year. Recently I became aware of some confusion regarding resolutions, goals, tactics, and wishes. And, I want to set the record straight!

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Subcontractor Relationship Management

The keys to subcontractor relationship management are setting clear expectations and maintaining great communications. So, as a contractor, what should you expect from your subcontractor? And, as a subcontractor, what should you expect from your contractor?

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Small Business: Why It Rocks

A small business can be a single freelancer all the way up to several thousand employees, depending on the industry chosen. The U.S. Small Business Administration┬ádefines small business in a very big business complicated way here. When I think of … Continue reading

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Managing a Virtual Business by Managing You

Managing a virtual business has some added challenges over managing a traditional one. There are wonderful pros, but there are a few cons, as I wrote about previously. The first and foremost challenge is managing you.

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Subcontractors: How Tos and How Not Tos

Don Clark from FileMaker Pro Gurus and I have joined together to create a series of three videos discussing subcontractors and the FileMaker world. If you are not a FileMaker developer, that’s OK. These tips would apply to any software … Continue reading

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SEO-Friendly Blog Post Tips for Better Site Traffic

Writing an SEO-friendly blog post brings a whole new level of marketing to your site than just plain writing a blog. Considering that most of us write blog posts to share information with our audience, shouldn’t we want that audience … Continue reading

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