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Most people think creating structure is going to require a lot of rules and bureaucracy. But the truth of the matter is that structure allows for repeated success in our businesses. Repeated successes often lead to business growth and more profit. In this video from Xojo Developer Conference 2018, I cover off on why structure is a necessity.

Please find a full video transcript below:

Susan:  So one of the things that you hear of when you start to hear structure, especially as a small business owner, you start to hear, “Oh, no. The bureaucracy, I don’t want to deal with that. I want it to be straightforward, I just want to do what I want to do.” But it’s really needed because you want to have the ability to repeat those successes that you’re good at. Those things that you regularly accomplish, and you’re like, “Yes.” You want to be able to do that again. And so if you have the steps in place, you’re able to do it, and remember how to do it the next time it comes around.

You don’t want to keep reinventing the wheel. This is what we’re talking about with onboarding, right. All of those steps that you go through, that every single time you have to remember what are all of them. This helps you not have to reinvent that.

And you can start delegating. When you have the stuff written down and centralized, you have the ability to get a virtual assistant to come in and do that thing you hate, a bookkeeper to do your invoicing. But if you don’t have that process written down, you can’t teach someone else how to do it.

Now as developers, think about this, too, surrounding your development process, and maybe training up a younger developer. If you can write some of your thought processes down as you go, you can then pass that along to somebody else who might be able to help you serve your clients better.

Another thing you get with structure is better client satisfaction. If you have a good project management process, your clients are not angry because they’re always wondering what’s going on. You get to the end, you know when to answer things, you are not responding to the squeakiest wheel, you’re responding to the next priority. So that helps a lot if you have that structure.

And the other thing that’s going to result in, for those of you who loved invoicing, it’s more profit because you’re not scrambling around.

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