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What minimum processes should each company have? How do you know that you need these minimum processes for your business? In this video from the Xojo Developer Conference 2018, I provide what processes each small business should have.

Please find a full video transcript below:

Susan:  Okay so we talked a little bit about the minimum processes. Sales, invoicing, getting paid, projects. So with projects, you want … Several parts of it that are important. Opening a project. How do you open a new project? This is consistent, you should be doing it every time the same way. Just like … And you can actually write a procedure for opening a process or opening a project as part of your process. So your process can refer to procedures as a checklist.

You would want a general structure with milestones. So that could be a template that turns into a procedure because it’s kind of a checklist or it can be written. This is how we do it every time and why. And then how you close projects is also important. Are you asking for referrals? Are you asking for permission to use your work in your portfolio on your website? Will they refer you to someone? All of these are part of closing.

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