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The Special Credibility Episodes of Thought Leader Life is designed to showcase your credibility. This 6-8 minute interview with Mitchell Levy covers your CPoP (Customer’s Point of Pain), what you do to solve that, what gives you the credibility to help your clients solve their pain, and how you share your credibility with others.

Please see the full transcript of the video below:

Mitchell: Hi, Mitchell Levy, global credibility expert. Welcome to this special credibility episode of Thought Leader Life where we’re talking to amazing humans from around the planet on who they are, what they do; in essence, their credibility. Today’s guest is Susan Fennema, who is a chaos eradicating officer. I just love that name. Did you hear that? Chaos eradicating officer of Beyond the Chaos. She helps small business owners manage their operations and project management by kicking chaos to the curb. Susan, welcome.

Susan: Hi, Mitchell. Thanks for having me.


Mitchell: Oh, it’s great to have you. I so enjoyed our green room conversation and I love your CPOP, your customer point of pain. Could you share it with the audience?

Susan: Sure, absolutely. Small business owners want their lives back.

Mitchell: Wow. It’s so interesting to think about those words, small business owners that want their lives back, because so many small business owners … When you work for yourself, you’re thinking, “Oh my God, this is going to be great.” And what you end up doing is you end up working all … Spending all your time in your business and not on your business and then you have a job versus something that’s fun. And so, tell me a little bit more. What do you do?

Susan: Well, we help them manage their products and streamline their operations. We document their procedures. In general, we’re improving their team’s communication, accountability, and mostly their ability to prioritize. We really do a lot more. We really partner with them as well.

Mitchell: It sounds … I heard you say that and I’m thinking to myself you can’t do all those things without basically being partners with the company. Yeah.

Susan: Yeah.

Proof of Credibility

Mitchell: That’s beautiful. And how do you have the credibility to do what you do?

Susan: I’ve been a project manager and a process engineer, really, my whole career, 30 plus years, before I even knew what those things were. Way back in the day, I don’t even know what they called us. But I’ve worked as an operational lead for several small business owners and I was the operations director at an ad agency in Chicago for about 10 years. And through that time, I was always partnering up with the business owner. I just love small businesses and the impact it has. And then, at one point I just decided, well, why am I only doing it for one person at a time? Let’s go do it for more than that. So, I started Beyond the Chaos.

Mitchell: And you’ve probably worked on a number of projects in your career.

Susan: Yeah.

Mitchell: What would you share? How many projects have you worked on?

Susan: I’m guessing up until we started Beyond the Chaos, I started Beyond the Chaos, it was probably about 10 thousand projects.

Mitchell: Wow.

Susan: Maybe more. And since then, we’ve had 40 clients. It’s been about four years. So, at that point, it starts to become exponential.

Sharing Credibility

Mitchell: That’s beautiful. And how do you go about sharing your credibility?

Susan: We write blogs and we post on social media. We do all those things. But really, what we’re doing is we’re learning from our clients. Every single one that we work with. And we’re able to take that information and apply it to the next one or even sometimes apply it back to the same one if we need to. It’s been this non-stop learning path.

Mitchell: I did a quick smile. Sometimes you know what you’re supposed to do but you don’t actually always doing it, and so there you’re playing the role of accountability coach and a reminder. “By the way, last week you did that way and it worked.”

Susan: Right.

Mitchell: That’s so funny.

Susan: We definitely do some of that.

Mitchell: I can imagine. If you’re watching this and you’re listening to this and you’ve uttered or your spouse or SO or somebody in your life you know of has uttered the word, “I wish I had my life back,” you’re going to want to reach out to Susan Fennema. Susan, what is the best way for people to go about doing that?

Susan: Go to our website B-I-Z. And on the contact page click on the social media. You can connect up with us there. Or just fill in the form and that comes straight to me.

Mitchell: Beautiful. Well, thanks so much for sharing your credibility with us today.

Susan: Thanks so much, Mitchell. I really enjoyed it.

Mitchell: My pleasure. And once again, you know this. You know somebody in your life that needs to hear this story so click on the like button, share it with your friends. We’ll see at the next episode of Thought Leader Life. Take care everyone. Bye now.

Susan: Bye.

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