How To Use Basecamp

How to use Basecamp® is a fantastic question because the answer will never be the same. To use Basecamp properly, you need to know how it applies to your business. It means that you need to know your process, your clients, your projects, your team, and your environment. We excel at helping people — and teams — understand how to use Basecamp. And, not just use Basecamp… we mean really use Basecamp… to promote effective, proficient changes in your Project Management.

Project Management is a challenge for any industry, no matter the size team you have. In smaller enterprises with less ability to delegate, especially for solopreneurs, it can seem insurmountable. Many of the services we offer are packages to help people use Basecamp. It is a great Project Management tool if you know how to use it the best way for your needs. And, that’s exactly what we do. We help you use Basecamp so you’re not spending extra time managing projects, and you’re spending more time doing work that’s of high-level productivity.

Use Basecamp like a pro

Learn to use Basecamp across your entire organization for better communication, stronger customer support, and more tightly managed projects.

If you aren’t sure what high-level productivity looks like in your organization, or you aren’t sure about your processes, don’t worry, we can help there too. Our consulting and training can help you be a more deliberate, strategic, and streamlined company. We’ve always loved organization and when things are in order, and we’ve always hated the stress associated with chaos. Our goal is to help your business go Beyond the Chaos to reach a place where you no longer have anxiety about your project management, your processes, and your client communication.

So, if you need a little help to use Basecamp better — or maybe you’re brand new and need a lot of help — we’ll take care of you like guest in our own homes. If you need some reassurance that you have the right processes and project management in place, we’ll ease your stress like a warm plate of biscuits ‘n’ gravy. Or, if you need to kick the clutter of paper to the curb, we’ll kick like you ain’t ever seen. All you have to do is contact us so we can talk about how to go Beyond the Chaos together.