Beyond the Chaos® is thankful for referrals from our clients and partners. In appreciation, we offer 10% of the first year’s revenue, paid out quarterly. Your willingness to refer us is something we are very grateful for. Therefore, we want you to share in our success.

But, how do you know when it’s time to suggest us to a friend, family, colleague, or even your own client?

First, you should know who we serve. We help small service-oriented businesses or divisions of smaller companies (25 people or less) with their project management. We not only perform the day-to-day project management activities, but we act as consultants to develop or streamline processes to allow for more efficient work and improved project management. Mostly, we work with the business owner or division head to use technology to allow the team to do what they do best, but in a more effective way. Eliminating re-inventing the wheel allows our clients to repeat their successes, manage like they mean it, and get their lives back.

The results of working with us are

  • less overwhelm
  • greater productivity
  • increased profit
  • more streamlined workflow
  • and less employee turnover.

Besides that, our clients sleep better at night because they know they have a structured work environment where things aren’t falling through the cracks. They begin to run their business with systems and structure in place, allowing for growth.

Most importantly, they own a business whose value is more than just a client list. Because, when it comes time to sell, the value is in process and structure so the new owner can recreate the same experience for the clients rather than just the aforementioned list.

So, what are the signs you should be looking for?

Here’s a collection of tip-offs for you to recognize that Beyond the Chaos can help:

  • a sense of overwhelm
  • no sales or project management software
  • sales or project management software that “doesn’t work”
  • struggling to complete things on time and/or on budget
  • often exceeding scope
  • clients are frustrated with you
  • a general sense of disorganization
  • piles/stacks of paper
  • dropping balls or forgetting things
  • clients, leads and/or tasks falling through the cracks
  • a company struggling to grow past 2-3 people
  • not being able to remember how to do something you’ve done before
  • a feeling that your work is taking over all aspects of your life
  • no operational structure to your business
  • always reinventing the wheel

If you find someone that fits the bill, simply email us and we’ll take it from there.