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Recently, I’ve been invited to share guest posts on Elusive Moose’s and The Scarpetta Group’s blogs. These two clients are more like partners and I enjoy working with them. It’s always an honor to be asked to write guest posts, so I wanted to share some snippets of each of them with a link to their sites for the full shebang.

SEO-Friendly Blog Post Tips for Better Site Traffic, Elusive Moose

Writing an SEO-friendly blog post brings a whole new level of marketing to your site than just plain writing a blog. Considering that most of us write blog posts to share information with our audience, shouldn’t we want that audience to be as big as possible? Creating an SEO-friendly blog post will do just that. Plus, it will help drive more traffic to your site through SEO (search engine optimization). Not only does it help get your message out, but your site traffic will increase as well. Here are the tips:

  1. Plan First
    1. Write in WordPress.
    2. Then, decide on a keyword or key phrase.
    3. Next, add it to Yoast in the focus keyword area.
    4. Finally, title your SEO-Friendly Blog Posts.
  2. Write Second
    1. Write.
    2. Then, edit.
    3. Finally, proofread – try Grammarly!
  3. Make Writing an SEO-Friendly Blog Post Fun!
    1. Turn that “SEO” area that Yoast provides in the Publish box to green.
    2. Then, turn the “Readability” area in Yoast green.
    3. Last, add an image – try Snappa.

Navigating a Custom Development Project, The Scarpetta Group

You’ve decided you’re ready to invest in a custom development project – your very own software – for your business. But, how do you navigate this new world you’re stepping off in? It can be challenging to learn how and when to communicate as a customer, but here are some quick tips to help you navigate through your project.

  1. Communication
    1. Use the project management software.
    2. Expect Bugs.
    3. Find and identify bugs.
    4. Provide detail when reporting bugs.
  2. Teamwork
    1. Involve your team.
    2. Approve things in steps.
  3. Expectations
    1. Understand that this is in addition to your regular job.
    2. Expect ongoing support needs.

About Susan Fennema

Susan helps you gain control of your business through process development, organization, and structure of your business operations and projects. From developing processes to coaching project managers, she can help you get beyond the chaos.
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