FileMaker Project Management Solutions

FileMaker Business AllianceWe offer FileMaker Project Management Solutions because we are a proud FileMaker Business Alliance Partner. If there’s anything our owner remembers from being a project manager: a lot can go wrong during custom software development.

No surprise, every size development company — from freelancers working in a basement to firms the size of iSolutions, MainSpring and Soliant — struggles with the chaos of project management. Our FileMaker Project Management Solutions are flexible, customized, and full of value. Our in-depth understanding of the project management pain points associated with this industry is what guide them.

These packages consist of a variety or combination of services, such as consulting, training, process development, communication strategy creation, etc. We customize them for each client to help you spend more time serving and less time managing your clients. Since you’re busy enough developing software for your clients, let our FileMaker Project Management Solutions help you work more effectively.

Get Beyond the Chaos

After moving back to Texas from Chicago, our owner worked at a FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance development company as a project manager. Over her career, she has spent a lot of time helping others develop Project Management Strategies for themselves or their businesses. It is our passion to help people through chaos, and into a more tranquil, less stressful place.

Kick chaos to the curb with our FileMaker Project Management Solutions.

Kick chaos to the curb!

Managing projects isn’t easy. But, our experience can help folks get to where they can manage their projects instead of their projects managing them.

If you want to learn more about our proven FileMaker Project Management Solutions, “holler at us” as we say in Texas.