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case study image for Rapid Business Plans Transforming Operations and Doubling Revenue
Bethany McClellan, Founder of Rapid Business Plans, shares how BTC transformed her business and saved her health.


Bethany McClellan, the owner of Rapid Business Plans (RBP), leads a team that specializes in creating business plans and feasibility studies for companies seeking SBA and USDA loans. Known for their swift delivery, Rapid Business Plans completes business plans in four days and feasibility studies in two to three weeks.

The Challenge for Bethany McClellan and Rapid Business Plans

Bethany faced significant bottlenecks in scaling her business. She was deeply involved in day-to-day production tasks, which hindered her ability to focus on growth. “I was becoming the bottleneck in everything,” Bethany recalls. There was structure and processes in place, but Bethany constantly solved problems, put out fires, and even did some production work as the business grew. This involvement left her little time to focus on strategic initiatives. Previous attempts to delegate responsibilities failed due to mismatched roles and unclear responsibilities. “I had the wrong people in the wrong seats,” Bethany admits. This led to missed deadlines and inefficient internal communication.

Discovering Beyond the Chaos

Bethany discovered Beyond the Chaos (BTC) through a Google search for “fractional integrator” and resonated with the fractional COO services. BTC could become an embedded resource for RBP on all levels, but at the speed and scale they could handle. BTC began working with Bethany by understanding her needs and challenges and then implemented several solutions to streamline her operations as a fractional COO, operations manager, and project manager.

Solutions Implemented

  1. Structural Changes: BTC introduced a management layer to reduce Bethany’s involvement in daily operations, enabling her to focus on strategic growth. This layer avoided Bethany’s need to handle the onboarding and offboarding of team members and interruptions with “how do you…” questions.
  2. Communication Tools: BTC implemented Slack for internal communication to consolidate team communications. Additionally, BTC replaced Asana with for better project management using templates, storing processes, and establishing profitability tracking.
  3. Project Management: Switching to allowed for detailed job costing and project profitability analysis, essential for financial oversight.
  4. Sales and Marketing Integration: HubSpot was introduced to enhance sales processes, provide valuable insights into client engagement, and optimize follow-ups.
  5. Training and Processes: BTC updated and expanded training materials and processes, ensuring the team could efficiently use the new tools and methodologies.

The Impact of Fractional COO Services on Rapid Business Plans

BTC’s role as a fractional COO, fractional operations manager, and project manager has been instrumental in transforming Rapid Business Plans. By embedding deeply within the company, BTC provided comprehensive support across all levels of operations. This approach ensured that every aspect of the business, from high-level strategy to day-to-day management, was optimized for efficiency and growth. BTC’s fractional COO services are a game-changer. BTC could provide the strategic and operational expertise needed to grow and thrive by being an integral part of the team.

The first calendar year that we worked with Beyond the Chaos, we increased 65% in revenue over the year before. Their expertise allowed me to step back from daily operations and focus on strategic growth. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to scale efficiently. – Bethany McClellan, Rapid Business Plans

Business Results for Rapid Business Plans

Since collaborating with BTC, Rapid Business Plans has doubled its revenue. In the first calendar year, revenue increased by 65%. The company no longer misses deadlines and maintains a high standard of client satisfaction.

Personal Results for Bethany

Bethany’s journey from burnout to business growth underscores the value of effective operations management and the importance of strategic guidance in achieving sustainable business growth.

She reflects on how Beyond the Chaos helped her regain control and focus on what she loves most. “I was at a point where the business was overwhelming, and I was deeply burnt out. The changes implemented by BTC allowed me to take a step back, recharge, and return with renewed enthusiasm. Now, not only has our revenue doubled, but I also have a healthier work-life balance and a more efficient team. I can confidently leave the business for an extended period, knowing everything will run smoothly.”

Detailed Outcomes

  • Improved Efficiency: With the new management structure and communication tools, the team operates more efficiently, meeting all deadlines.
  • Enhanced Profitability Tracking: The transition to provided a clear view of project profitability, allowing for better financial decisions.
  • Increased Sales: HubSpot’s integration improved sales follow-up and client engagement, contributing to revenue growth.
  • Personal Recovery: Bethany took significant time off, reducing burnout and returning with renewed energy to drive marketing efforts.

Beyond the Chaos provided Rapid Business Plans with the tools, training, and strategic guidance and management needed to overcome operational bottlenecks, resulting in significant business growth and personal recovery for the owner. Effective fractional services in operations management and process optimization have a massively transformative effect on this growing business and its owner.

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