Manage Like You Mean It

Manage Like You Mean ItBeyond the Chaos’ method helps you manage like you mean it. Small business owners can begin to manage their own projects (internal and external), team members and clients. We also develop a structure to allow for hiring a project manager if you have slightly larger teams. While this method is not for large companies or enormous projects, it allows for – but doesn’t require – Gantt charts, dependencies and reporting.

Flexibility is created within a distinct structure, to give you your life back, while still serving each client according to its individual needs. It spreads responsibilities so you aren’t the traffic jam, preventing others from doing their best work for you. And once implemented, it lets you manage your projects, your team, your clients and your business like you mean it.

By creating a consistent structure around software development projects, you are able to work the system yourself. You are able to get project management help from your team and your client because everyone is on the same page. You are also able to own a structure allowing you to bring in a Beyond the Chaos project manager if details aren’t your thing – or if you have a minor case of ADHD. (Look, shiny object! A squirrel!)

You get your life back to grow your business, and to have peace of mind that clients and projects aren’t falling through the cracks.

We begin with a basic template and then modify it to meet your company’s needs. The process becomes part of your brand. It will help ensure that each client gets the same amazing service and that you are always one step ahead of them. The wheels are greased before they squeak. So, you have fewer interruptions and a big picture overview of the priorities and workloads.

The method’s clear, concise communication with consequences helps you manage like you mean it. The team and your clients will work together towards a common goal. You will learn to facilitate the process of finishing projects within scope, on time, and on budget. Your clients and team will actually help you manage their projects, spreading that workload out. For the ones that won’t (or can’t) work in the system, you will learn simple methods that help create some controls to manage those outliers.

The system will work for you, but you have to work the system. The process is not automagic. You cannot ignore it; you must feed and tend it. But, within the system, you have the flexibility needed to work practically and effectively. The structure doesn’t drive what you do and how you do it. Instead, we create a plan together that you drive to get beyond the chaos and manage like you mean it.

Beyond the Chaos promises to:

  • be tough and honest about your reality
  • deliver that harsh reality truthfully, but with understanding
  • put forward a genuine intention to manage pitfalls
  • create a system to allow for repeated successes
  • make you laugh with self-deprecating humor and sharp wit

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