We offer a variety of business services, not just the list of what you see here. For more details, pricing, or to book Susan for a speaking event, please contact us.

Project Management Template for FileMaker Developers
(for Teamwork and Basecamp 2)

This standardized template is built specifically for FileMaker developers using Teamwork or Basecamp 2.

Customized Process Design and Development
(for small growing companies)

This is the backbone of our business services and is great for the growing entity! Whether you’re in software development, accounting, advertising, or marketing, this package is perfect for any industry to help you manage like you mean it.

  • Develop standard operating procedures and, as a result, streamline shared resources
  • Eliminate silos, while improving communication across teams
  • Evaluate the actual business process, in addition to any existing SOPs and processes
  • Determine what should be documented that isn’t
  • Identify missing processes and fill in the gaps
  • Improve any existing processes where possible
  • Create appropriate documentation
  • Monitor and maintain the processes
  • Build communication processes to allow small companies to grow
  • Ensure execution of business ideas by creating processes to bring them to reality

Project Management Support
(for project management, coaching or consulting)

Project Management should not wait until you’re “too big for your britches”. While you’re growing or starting up, you need it, whether you have 1 person or 50.

  • Coach project managers
  • Simplify and streamline project management systems
  • Manage people and processes
  • Lead projects as a project manager

Basecamp® for Software Developers

Software developers will find this package specially created for them. If you need a non-intrusive, streamlined way to achieve satisfactory completion of projects, this proven process is for you. Whether you are an in-house developer, a solopreneur, or managing a small team, this package will help you repeat your successes. Here’s what’s included:

  • Introductory Session
  • Process, Project Template, & Client Communications Basecamp Implementation
  • Two Training Sessions (post-implementation)
  • Two Coaching Sessions (to customize the process to your team’s needs)

Within a week, you can be on your way to better project management, helping to ensure your clients’ satisfaction.

Not a software developer? Not a problem! We can still help you get into a custom Basecamp® package and help you leverage it best, for the most effective results. Most of all, any creative team or project-based business process can benefit from this package.

Paperless Environment Development
(to make your environment more efficient and structured)

  • Developing paperless processes
  • Creating work-from-home environments, consequently resulting in happier employees
  • Eliminating incoming paper, while managing what can’t be stopped
  • Setting up digital devices to work better for your needs

Individual Organization Consulting
(to help team members get beyond the chaos)

Sometimes great and creative employees struggle with organization. But, lack of the latter should never result in talent wasted. We’re here to help with this, both in your professional and personal life.

  • Increased productivity, as a result of office and desk organization
  • Improved prioritization
  • Better time management, as a result of improved calendaring and to-do list development

Though these are the most common and sought-after business services for the bulk of our clients, there are many other ways we may be able to help your organization eradicate the chaos. So, if you’re looking for something more custom, or not seen here, like an in-house workshop, give us a holler. (We holler, in Texas, but don’t worry; it’s a good thing.)