Subcontractors How Tos and How Not Tos, Pt 1: Hiring a Subcontractor [Video]

Ever wonder the best way to hire a subcontractor for your FileMaker Business? Have no fear! In the first of this three-part series, Susan, Don Clark from FileMaker Pro Gurus and Brandon Hayes from Kalos Consulting team up to discuss hiring the right subcontractor for your business – FileMaker or any type of software development work. Continue reading

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Subcontractors: How Tos and How Not Tos


Don Clark from FileMaker Pro Gurus and I have joined together to create a series of three videos discussing subcontractors and the FileMaker world. If you are not a FileMaker developer, that’s OK. These tips would apply to any software development subcontractor scenario, so you will still learn something.

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Virtual Business: Pros and Cons


A virtual business employs electronic means to transact business as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar business that relies on face-to-face transactions with physical documents and physical currency or credit, per Wikipedia. While you can have a shared office space or co-working space, most virtual businesses are run out of a home office.

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Project Managers – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

project managers

Project managers have so many shoes to fill. (Review my last post to see what I’m talking about.) Some project managers are really good; some are bad; and, some are outright ugly. Continue reading

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Navigating North: Find Your Purpose! [Video]

Ever feel unsure about your purpose in business or in life? Check out this video from the Navigating North Panel. Susan joins Karen Anderson, Marvin Towler and Kevin Monroe in the discussion of finding your overall purpose! Check out all the panels Navigating North holds here: Continue reading

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The Ideal Project Manager

ideal project manager

When you tackle fulfilling the ideal project manager role, you should know that it is a challenging one. Attention-to-detail, multitasking, and organizational skill sets are necessary to help everyone on the team stay organized and on schedule.

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Project Management for Developers

project management for developers

Two weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on project management tools for developers. So, now that you’ve chosen your tool, how does project management for developers work?

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Project Management Tools for FileMaker Developers

project management tools

Which project management tools should I consider? Which is the best one? Which one fits my needs perfectly? These are all questions I get in my role as a project management consultant to FileMaker custom software developers. Here’s a brief rundown of the ones I’m currently working with and some reasons to – or not to – choose them.

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Guest Post – The Scarpetta Group

guest posts

Recently, I was invited to share a guest post on The Scarpetta Group’s blog. This client is more like a partner and I enjoy our work together. It’s always an honor to be asked to write guest posts, so I wanted to share some snippets with a link to the site for the full shebang. Continue reading

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Policy, Process and Procedures

policy, process and proceduresA lot has happened in the past few weeks. But, the biggest changes is that Beyond the Chaos has gone from a solopreneurship to a 3-person business. That means we are implementing policy, process and procedures!

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