Basecamp for Software Developers

Basecamp for Software DevelopersBasecamp® is a very popular project management and organizational tool. That’s why a variety of industries use it. Not only is using Basecamp popular for software developers but knowing how to use Basecamp properly is even more critical. One of our most popular business services is the Basecamp for Software Developers package. It’s designed to give you everything you need to be more efficient, productive, and organized with your software projects. It’s easy to mismanage software projects. But, with Basecamp for Software Developers, you can rest assured you won’t have to worry about that stressor again.

The Package

This package comes with our pre-designed Basecamp for Software Developers Project Template, Process Coaching, and Client Communications strategy. And, this package includes everything you need to successfully leverage Basecamp, such as:

  • Introductory Session
  • Two Training Sessions (post-implementation)
  • Two Coaching Sessions (to customize the process to your team’s needs)
Basecamp for Developers

Whatever language you use, we can help with our Basecamp for Software Developers package

Since our owner is a former Project Manager for a software development company, we understand the need to have your Project Management be on par or better. There’s little room for error in the world of development, regardless of your development language of choice. We created Basecamp for Software Developers not just because we like, and are familiar, with Basecamp, but because of its popularity. Basecamp manages over 8,000,000 projects per year, with a support staff of only 8 people. THAT’S powerful! And, we can help put that power to work for you.

We can help clients as small as a single individual to a large development firm with 100 users or more. No matter your size, location, code of choice, or the number of projects, we can help you take back control of your business model so your projects move with ease, consistency, and less stress.

So, if you’re ready to eradicate the chaos that can easily be caused by challenging clients in the software development world, contact us and let’s have a chat about how Basecamp for Software Developers can help you stay Beyond the Chaos.